SL Director's Viewfinder Varies with device

Source:Stephen Lebed

A digital viewfinder for directors and cinematographers.

This app is designed for directors and DP's to block out and stage shots.

A director's viewfinder is a viewer used by film directors and cinematographers to frame a shot as seen through the camera lens. Like a traditional viewfinder, this app simulates various cameras, formats and lenses.

In order to support lenses wider than your device can display, the preview is shrunk in relation to the size of the actual lens. You can use this to gauge the extents of the frame.

Currently this app supports lens sizes from 6mm to 200mm, most aspect ratio formats, and the following cameras:

35mm Film
35mm Still
Super 35
Super 16
Red One
Canon 5D
Canon 7D
Sony 2/3" chip cameras
Standard DV 1/3" chip cameras
2-perf Techniscope
Four Thirds system format
Panasonic AG-HPX370
Arri Alexa

I can add support for any camera, formats, or lenses. Just send me an email with your request.

Never be without your viewfinder again.

Now you can take snapshots! This is a new feature and may not work as expected on all devices. If you find that youre having an issue, please email me with a detailed description of the problem, the device your running, and the Android OS version.

You can snap a picture by pressing the camera button, dPad button, or touch the upper left corner camera icon. Because of the processing being done to the image, you must wait for the camera icon to be green before taking another picture.

Camera information will be added to the bottom of the picture. Any overlays will also be added to the final picture. A light screen is used to mask the area outside the chosen field of view.

All pictures are automatically added to the Gallery on your device.

If there is a problem running this app after an upgrade, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling. This seems to fix most problems people have had with upgrading.

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